This package is mostly used for smaller weddings or weddings in which the ceremony starts late and the reception ends early.  Most Sunday weddings are booked with this package.  There is a four hour filming time slot which usually covers just the ceremony and most of the reception.  The final video is on a custom wooden USB and usually ends up being about an hour long.

4 hours.   one videographer.  1hr final video.



The standard package is our most popular package!  This is an awesome package for couples who are having their ceremony and reception at the same location.  The seven hour coverage time usually captures final moments of getting ready, the ceremony and full reception.  The final package includes a full video from the day.  This edited video is usually 1.5hrs in length delivered on a USB.  You can always ADD ON a highlight trailer!

7 hours.   one videographer.  1.5hr final video. 


The following package is a fabulous choice for the couple that wants every single moment captured.  This package comes with two videographers which allows us to always film in two places at once.  If you wish for the bride and the groom to both be filmed getting ready prior to the ceremony, this is the package for you!  One videographer will be with the bride and the other with the groom.  During the ceremony and reception, two videographer will be able to capture two different camera angles. The final video is about 2hrs in length.  There is a highlight video (trailer) included in this package to post online!  

8 hours.  two videographers.  BONUS highlight video.  2hr final video.



additional hour - $150/hr.

trailer - $500

ADD-ON OPTIONS                 

Frequently Asked Questions:

"Do you edit the ceremony because we want the full ceremony recorded?"  - Awesome question!  We think it is important for you to have your whole ceremony on your video from beginning to end!  We only add in shots from the guests faces, the church, and of course the bride coming down the aisle.  The dual cameras are switched back and forth during the making of your video.  We do not crop your ceremony.  You will see the whole ceremony as if you were a guest watching it on your wedding day.

"How long until we get our wedding video after the wedding?" - The contract states only 8 weeks!  However, we like to keep up with our work and we shoot for 4-6 weeks.

"We have a photographer, do you work well with photographers?" - We work with photographers at EVERY wedding we tape of course.  We love them!  We are both there to do the same thing and are respectful of one another.  We always give the photographer precedence and don't take over.  We work with them and around them very well.

"Do you tape the whole reception?" - Yes, unless you specify you rather us tape earlier in the day than later.  You can position your hours of the package however you wish.

"Can we choose our own music?" - Due to copyright laws, I must have the rights to a song in order to use it.  We need to pick songs with can either buy a one-time license to use it or a song that is royalty free.  Sites like Songfreedom, MusicBed, and AudioBlocks are a few places we can purchase licensing for individual songs.

"How does payment work?" - When you decide which package you want, we will send you the contract to sign and mail back with your 20% package deposit.  This will secure your date that we don't book anyone else.  The remainder of the package and tax is due anytime before or on your wedding date. 

"Will you use the DJ's audio for the ceremony?" - No, we do not count on or hook in to the DJ's audio system.  We use our own wireless lavalier microphones on the groom so that we can pick up the audio directly without interference.